Check charts

Check out the very 1st field charts full option for 8K cameras ... and more.

The MEGA BOX line

Specially thought for users, it has all our main products in a handy size to help you check the sharpness of your lens and your camera, in a studio or in the field.

The MEGA Charts are presented in a nice box, supplied with a pouch to protect the charts and its accessories during your travels, to help manipulation in the field and make you gain time and comfort.

Products of the brand

MEGA Chart product picture Prêt À Tourner

The MEGA Sharpness Chart

Specially designed to calibrate cameras and lenses up to 8K and even beyond, in the field.


The MEGA Star Chart

Specially designed to check the back focus and focus of all your lenses in the field.

Box Contents

Everything you need to calibrate your camera and your lenses now in a single box.


In details

Check charts in use...

Sharpness calibration chart
Sharpness Mega chart
MEGA STAR BOX Prêt À Tourner on field
Sharpness calibration chart
Sharpness calibration test

Technical Characteristics

On field use

Circular targets

Until 250 pairs of lines printed on the sensor

Linear targets

Anti-bending support

Siemens targets

Magnetic support

Neutral grey

Aluminium bracket to mount the chart on a stand

Writable annotation areas

Mate coating

Fits in cabin baggage for air travel

Instructions for Chart Installation

Place the chart in horizontal position. 2 options:

Option 1

The chart can be mounted on a metallic surface (iron, steel, etc.) due to magnetized backing.

Option 2

Slide the chart inside the slot of the bracket and lock it with the 2 thumb screws. Mount it on a stand (not supplied) using the 1/4’’ nut below.


Frame the center of the chart. The optical axis has to be perpendicular to the chart, so the chart is parallel to the image plane.

Top view

Side view

Discover our POCKET KIT, field check charts

Pocket Kit charts PAT
Pocket Kit Charts Prêt À Tourner

The POCKET KIT is the ideal tool for all videographers and photographers in a lightweight configuration. It makes it very easy to check the calibration of your lenses, the back focus, the exposure and the white balance wherever you are.

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