Pocket Kit

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Our Pocket Kit SG is the perfect tool for light-configured videographers and photographers. It enables you to check very easily the calibration of your lenses, the back focus, the exposure and the white balance.

The magnetic back of the plates makes it possible to place them on any metallic surface, all to facilitate your tests.

 The front side of the plates is magnetic as well. This trick enables you to protect the plates when stored and to separate them with only one hand fo use.

What for ?

  • You are an independant user : check the main factors of your shooting wherever you are.
  • You are an audiovisual or a photo store : the Pocket Kit SG will seduce many of your clients !
  • You are a lens or a camera manufacturer, an audiovisual equipment manufacturer : the Pocket Kit SG is the perfect customized marketing tool that will be greatly appreciated by your clients.

Pocket Kit contents:

  • 10x15 cm plate with circular targets with a very high printing resolution
  • 10x15 cm plate with a Siemens star in high printing definition
  • 10x15 cm pure white plate
  • 10x15 cm neutral grey plate
  • PU-leather zipped carry bag

Plates technical characteristics:

  • 3 mm PMMA plates of dimensions 10x15 cm
  • Mat and anti-reflection coating
  • Fully magnetic back supports for better use
  • Magnetic printed surfaces to facilitate handling and storing

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm

Non-customized item: shipment within 2/3 working days, subject to stock availability.
Customized item: shipment within 10 working days or so following validation of the Ready-To-Print order for the customized areas.

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