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Very high printing resolution chart, designed for the calibration of spherical lenses and 8K cameras and over.

Our YOTTA chart, of dimensions 92x158 cm, is the largest chart of the P.A.T. workshop charts for spherical lenses. It will be perfectly suited for larger 8K full-frame sensors with diagonal of 40 mm and above because it covers the entire image at an optimal test distance.


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Prêt À Tourner offers the world's first range of sharpness calibration charts, featuring a very high printing definition, which is still unrivaled at the moment for this type of product. They were thought and designed to provide you maximum comfort and fast performance, thanks to our numerous adjustment tools.

Technical characteristics :

  • Printing definition : 5 pairs of lines / printed mm = 250 pairs of lines on the sensor
  • Circular targets
  • Linear targets
  • Siemens targets
  • Frame leaders (2.39, 1.85, 2.00, 1.78, 1.33)
  • Integral magnetic support
  • Aluminium corner
  • Anti-reflective coating

Optional extension set :

  • Magnetic personalization
  • 2 magnetic annotation areas
  • Magnetic optical wedge scale
  • Magnetic neutral grey
  • Magnetic grey scale and grey gradation
  • ColorChecker®
  • Magnetic mirror centering aid
  • Bubble level

If you are looking for a chart specifically adapted to your needs, or if you have any question:

Learn more about our customized charts :


Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions170 × 103 × 10 cm

Yotta chart + Option kit with Color Checker®, Yotta chart + Otion kit without Color Checker®, Yotta chart


Shipment within 10 working days or so following validation of the Ready-To-Print order for the customized areas.

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